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Service charge

Click here for a breakdown of the service charge.

Bank detail form

Click here to fill in the form for refund the deposit.


The communal areas of the different complexes are cleaned at certain times. Click here for details of the current cleaning schedule.


There are washing machines in many of the buildings that house foreign guests. There is also a washing machine in each unit. For the apartments there are special laundry rooms.


As a student you have less disposable income than the average citizen. Yet you use two to three times as much energy as the average person. And you pay for it. The money you spend on your energy bill could be put to better use. Besides, excessive energy consumption also places an unnecessary burden on the environment. Energy saving measures are most effective if you can get everyone else in your building or complex to do their bit. Below we have listed lots of practical tips to help you save energy. Why not turn them to your advantage? Most of our energy saving tips won’t cost you a cent. The following tips can help you reduce your energy consumption and your energy bill:

Technical ways to save energy

Intelligent ways to save energy

Pleasurable ways to save energy

Important telephone numbers

Click here for a list of important telephone numbers.


Acasa collects paper for recycling from the complexes on the campus. All you have to do is put the paper out in the red crates provided by Acasa before 09:00 in the morning on the day specified in the Acasa paper recycling scedule.

If you have an old fridge that you want to get rid of, or if it is time to replace your television, as an extra service Acasa has made it very easy for you to dispose of your bulky waste. All you have to do is put your bulky waste next to the neighbourhood waste containers before 09:00 in the morning on any working day. Acasa will then see to it that everything is collected!

Rather than throwing out old batteries, paint or any other small-scale chemical waste with your household refuse, put them in the small-scale chemical waste box and leave the box outside the Acasa office. Acasa will then arrange for the waste to be disposed of.


Property belonging to Acasa sometimes gets damaged. Click here for information about how we deal with damage.

Cable television

Click here for information about cable television.

Things you can hire

You can hire all kinds of useful things at the Acasa counter. Click here to see a list of the things you can hire.


If you have a complaint about Acasa, send a letter with your complaint to Acasa. We will see to it that you receive a written reply to your complaint.